Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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This is not the National Review of Live Art presents
counterproductions will be infiltrating Glasgow with déjà vu, disquiet, and dubiousity…
As the spectre of censorship stalks the archways of the City, memories of dreams, distant voices, and dissent, waft through the corridors and bars a chill win: the rattling of sentences, the croak of voices, real voices from far off places, the return of the repressed...

So come join the party of street sleepers, self-reliance, and rail, underneath the arches:

Pavement is our pillow

No matter where we stray
Underneath the arches
We dream our dreams away
They’re building flats where
The arches used to be
There’s somebody eating
Where we used to be sleeping
They’re paying rents
Where we once lived rentfree.
(B. Flanagan / J. McCarthy)

From 11.20 am Saturday 20 March 2010 by the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street

And following in locations across the City of Glasgow including:
253 Argyle Street, George Square and 25 Albert Drive.

supported by:
ChunkyArts, Grunts for the Arts, RATIONAL REC, NGCC
, JenkinsRough Foundation, Easyjet, Urban Bear Research Centre, The Laughter Lab